APF postponed !

Europe’s largest Arb, Forestry and Timber event has been postponed. I guess this is the best thing as safety always comes first. The only good news is that it’s on next year instead, along with the Olympics and Euro football. So, put 23rd/24th/25th September 2021 in your diary. https://www.apfexhibition.co.uk/

The Virtual Arb Show 2020

Its a real shame that this GREAT event has been cancelled this year but the fantastic Arb Association have produced a virtual show. Many people including me would have been there today. Lets hope this great event is back next year and in the mean time, click on the link below and at least get…

arborist business insurance

Anybody Injured?

Have you ever wondered why Arborists & Foresters business insurance costs go up? Two Arborists have sent me emails they have received, offering £1,000 for any successful referral that results in a lawsuit against an employer! ‘Do you know anybody who has been injured at work?’ This is a real escalation of the ambulance chasing solicitors…

You can work!

You CAN Work From Lord Goldsmith – Minister of State. ‘Arboriculturalists should therefore be able to continue with outdoor work, where they can continue to follow Public Health England guidelines’ See the full letter below:- You Can Work Well done to the Arb Association and please share this post.

The Future?

The world has changed in the last two months and, I believe, in some ways for the better. Here are my predictions  for the implications for your industry: The end of subbies This will happen for a variety of reasons, not least it is much easier to ‘furlough’ an employee. When we do come out the…