The price you pay for tree surgeons insurance depends on a number of factors, so it is difficult to be precise. Generally, no 2 tree surgeon insurance quotes are the same as all companies operate in slightly different ways and undertake different types of work. These factors are taken into account when considering your tree surgery insurance cost, to ensure we select the most competitive insurance premium for your business.

The sum insured affects your tree surgery insurance cost

Public Liability Insurance policies for tree surgeons begin at £1 million sum insured, going up to £10 million as a rule. This obviously has a direct impact on the cost of your policy, so it is important to have a good understanding of the level of cover you require. If you are a small business servicing predominantly residential homes, opting for the lower amount will result in a lower tree surgery insurance cost. For larger contracts, you may well find you won’t even get a look in without a minimum of £5 million Tree Surgeons public liability insurance.

Employers Liability Insurance. You will probably need this type of cover if you employ tree surgeons and ground staff – this will include labour subcontractors. This cover is likely to be the largest part of your insurance premium. The cost is a combination of the amount of staff you employ at any given time and the type of work you do. It is pertinent to mention that if you are a self-employed tree surgeon who works alone, even if you employ a labour-only contractor on the odd occasion, you will still be liable for their safety by law and must carry an appropriate level of employers liability insurance.

If you are unsure if employers liability cover is required, then please don’t hesitate to call us. A short phone call is often all it takes to help you understand how much your tree surgery insurance is likely to cost based on the above factors.

Frequency & the amount of work you do

If you only do weekend work, your insurance cover will cost you far less than if you have a large team working 5-6 days a week.

Risk factors involved in your tree work affect your insurance premium

The type of tree work your company undertakes is also an important factor that affects the tree surgeon insurance or forestry contractors insurance premium we are able to offer you. Where potential accidents can result in hefty bills this has to be taken into account. Amongst the activities considered to be the highest risk are railway tree contractors due to the hefty fines that are in place in the event of a line being blocked. This is followed by power line tree maintenance teams. If your tree work is limited to clearing small trees in gardens this will be reflected in your insurance quote.

Previous claims can affect how much your tree surgery insurance will cost

As with any type of insurance cover, your track record will have an impact on the premium we are able to secure for you.